DJ Aimez
Amie Boyd
Amie is a high energy, open format DJ based out of Kansas City. She has played shows and nightclubs throughout the Midwest as well as Orlando, Wisconsin, Denver & more. Primarily a top 40/hip hop DJ with a love for other genres including Latin & House music, DJ Aimez will keep the party going all night. Stay tuned every Friday night at 7PM est. For Booking contact her at boydamie@gmail.com
Music 4 Your Soul
Smooth P
Dj Smooth P is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a music producer, recording engineer, songwriter and musician. He has produced many independent artists and is a music artist as well. DJ Smooth P has shared the stage with many Indy artists and major artists as well, and has produced 10 cds of his own. Check out Dj Smooth P on AMPS Radio playing the best in urban gospel music.
China Doll
“THE REAL” is an Entertainment Comedic Extravaganza! Covering topics from every “Music Genera” to “Who’s Your Babies Momma”… Your host China Doll…. provide knowledge in their own unique funny way, while discussing the many topics of the day. Join “THE REAL” every Sunday 7pm as we give you “THE REAL” deal for thinking about your Mind, Body and Soul. It’s “THE REAL” and keeping it on “THE REAL” is all we know!
Coming Soon
This will be a midday show that is coming soon.
Typhanie Clemons
Organic with a twist of humor and excitement, Ms XO and Rich Harvest have come together and created something that the public can relate to that is raw and keeps it authentic. Between current events, fashion, music, and consciousness. XO Project and The Rich Show are currently giving the nation real content with relevant content with real unfiltered opinions. XO Project will began airing in the Summer 2022.
The Angel Starks Show
Angel Starks
The “Angel Starks Show” is Indy’s #1 internet Radio and variety talk show hosted by Comedian Angel Starks. The host engage in lighthearted conversations with guests, showcasing the talents of local and national entertainers, newsmakers and movers and shakers. Family friendly topics include: achieving success, relationships, health and nutrition, teen chat and more! Airs daily on AMPS Radio.
We play all of your favorite tunes, from back in the days to current. We are one of the few that plays more than one genre of music. This station begins every morning with gospel and as the day progress the music changes as well.
317 426 7790