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Dr. Melissa Freeman

Written by on 16 July 2020

Dr. Melissa Freeman works a morning shift at a methadone clinic in Lower Manhattan, then she heads to Harlem via the subway to her small private practice where she treats people with all sorts of ailments long into the night. To pass the time on the journey, she checks paperwork for her upcoming clients and as well as messages on her iPhone.

Dr Freeman is remarkable because she is doing everything she can to help people all hours of the day… at 93 years of age!

Dr Freeman has been in the medical field for 65 years and shows NO SIGNS of slowing down anytime soon. She can often be found at her practice well into the early hours of the morning.

Dr Freeman is the granddaughter of a slave, her grandfather having been ripped away from his mother and sold into slavery. He was eventually freed as a teenager when slavery was abolished.

Determined to make something of his life following a traumatic and brutal start, he moved to New York, eventually had a family of his own and became a zoo keeper.

Dr Freeman grew up in the Bronx with her family close around her. She spent a lot of time with her grandfather growing up, playing piano.

It was while she was a young lady that she was encouraged to be a doctor following time studying music and art.

Melissa graduated from Howard University School of Medicine in Washington DC in 1955.

All who are treated by Melissa regard her as the most caring doctor they have ever met.

May God continue to bless Dr Freeman with long life and continued wisdom.

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