AMPS Internet Radio Offers Ad Services

AMPS Internet Radio offers some of the best, cheapest pricing that you will ever see in radio broadcasting. We are a 24 hour radio station that can help you with any of your audio needs. We have some of the best engineers in the country for the price and can also provide you with studio quality formatted audio. Radio provides an ideal advertising medium for small businesses, but running an effective campaign takes a bit of know-how. Four tips for navigating the radio waves: pinpoint your audience, know what you’re buying, look for special sponsorships, entertain the audience.
Great radio spots grab and hold attention, usually through humor. They may also use sounds, compelling music or unusual voices to grab attention. Your spots must tell stories or present situations your target audience can relate to. To keep your audience listening to your spots month after month, make them part of an ongoing campaign theme. Your audience will listen for the newest versions, helping extend your message more successfully than if you were to run unrelated spots. For maximum results, make your call to action–a URL or phone number–easy to remember and tie it in with your company name or message.


Dustin Moskovitz 30 – 60 second Ad : 10 Days PEAK TIME 35$
Dustin Moskovitz 30 – 60 second Ad : 30 Days PEAK TIME 40$
Elizabeth Holmes 30 – 60 second Ad : 60 Days PEAK TIME 50$
Evan Spiegel 30 – 60 second Ad : 30 Days OFF PEAK TIME 25$
Evan Spiegel 30 – 60 second Ad : 60 Days OFF PEAK TIME 40$
Evan Spiegel Radio Show, Up to 1 hour Once A Week 50$
Evan Spiegel Website Ad – Banner Type 10 Days 50$
Evan Spiegel Full Page Ad in AMPS Magazine, Online 60 Days 100$
Evan Spiegel Studio Time – per hour 35$
We play all of your favorite tunes, from back in the days to current. We are one of the few that plays more than one genre of music. This station begins every morning with gospel and as the day progress the music changes as well.
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